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Employment staff leasing
​The ORLEN Adminstracja employment service comprises the comprehensive provision of services related to the employment of permanent and temporary staff on the basis of staff leasing.

Staff leasing affords the possibility of flexible employment, depending on your company’s actual requirements, particularly when there is a need to reduce the number of permanent posts. Our primary focus is on recruitment services and assuming responsibility for payroll administration and human resource services, as well as providing our clients with temporary administrative and qualified blue collar personnel. We assume the majority of the employer’s responsibilities in respect of employment law.
ORLEN Administracja holds a certificate of entry into the register of entities running an employment agency (No. 2745, dated 01.06.2006), on the basis of which we provide comprehensive services related to the temporary employment.
Temporary work is a flexible form of employment and offers one of the most effective versions of staffing policy for any business. Under our temporary employment service, at your request we take on employees with the qualifications and suitability determined by yourselves, and appoint them to a given post for a fixed term and on the basis of a commission or order for the work.
We take on all the responsibilities connected with staff recruitment, human resources and payroll services, drawing up the appropriate declarations for the authorities, namely ZUS (the Social Insurance Institution), GUS (the Central Statistical Office) and US (the Tax Office), together with other statutory obligations binding on the employer.

You will always be able to employ a temporary worker on a full-time basis, since availing yourself of staff leasing allows you to check a future employee’s qualifications and skills without the need to bear the related costs.
The main benefit of using our Temporary Employment Agency’s services is the significant reduction in recruitment costs, and administrative and payroll support, as well as the optimisation of career-related costs.

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